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Rigid Flex 10 Layer

Black Material

Burn in Board

Flex with Rogers Material

Attribute Standard Advanced R & D
Line space .005 .004 .003
Copper Foil mix/max .5/1.0 .5/8.0 10.0

Pad size internal (diameter over drill)

0.014 0.008 0.008

Pad size external (diameter over drill)

0.012 0.008 0.008
Drilled Hole min. 0.010 0.008 0.006
Plated Hole min. 0.012 0.010 0.008
Aspect Ratio 8:1 8:1 8:1
Plated Hole Tolerance +/- .003 +/- .002 +/- .002
Hole-to-Image Tolerance .006 +/- .004 +/- .004 +/-
Hole plated Size Tol. .003 +/- .003 +/- .003 +/-
Hole Unplated Size Tol. .002 +/- .002 +/- .002 +/-
Max Board Thickness 0.125 0.250 0.250
Min Board Thickness 0.012 0.008 0.006
Max Copper Weight Internal 3.0 External 10
Max Layers 24 34  

Preface:  The following is a quick design guideline for Rigid Flex and is directly related to the flex portion of the PWB. Due to the custom nature of every design, this   guide intended to be presented by the highly experienced PCWI team.

  1. HOLE. Is recommended   to be located at least  0.075 zone is where   rigid adhesive and flex cover meet and may  impact the integrity of  metallized holes
  2. RADIUS. Minimum  value to be 0.060” to  transfer the point of bend away from the  sharp transition line
  3. TEAR STOP. Is recommended whenever space is  permitted to reinforce the critical area from tearing
  4. CONDUCTOR.  A) Must be at least .050” from the edge of t flex B)Always
  5. ENLARGED CONDUCTOR: Where possible, conductor should be enlarged through the transition and bend lines for added strength
  6. END AREA or length is calculated by multiplying the thickness of the flex by 10 for 90 degree bend and by 12 for 180 degree. Bend area should be no less than .030”
  7. LEX MATERIAL. Matching the material to the application is the most important note on the Fab

Drawing. The following is the ranking from the  Best to the risky: A) AP adhesiveless, B) LF kapton acrylic, C) FR fire retardant, D) FR4 rigid material. This area is best discussed with PWB fabricator (PCWI)