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Precision Circuit West, Inc. is a manufacturer of complex, high-density, single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer rigid, flex, and rigid flex boards in both prototype and production quantities. We also provide design and layout including component assembly.
Technology: Flex, Rigid-Flex and Printed Circuit Board
Quick Turnaround:

FLEX 2 - 3 Business Days (Standard Complexity)

Rigid Flex 3 - 5 Business Days (Standard Complexity)

Printed Circuit Board 3 - 5 Business Days (Standard Complexity)

Layer I - 34
Via Interconnect Blind and Buried Via
Finishes: SMOBC, HASL LEADFREE, Hard, Soft, Immersion Gold, Silver Immersion, Palladium, and OSP
SMT: 8 Mil Pitch
Material Rigid: GF FR 4, GI Polyimide, Getek, and Rogers
Material Flex: Dupont, Pyralux, Roger FR
Etchback: Plasma
Impedence: +/- 5% and 10%
Solder Mask: Liquid Photo Imageable
Inspection: Automatic Optical Inspection
Electrical Test: Flying Probe, Top & Bottom Fixtures, Net List

V-Score, Mil-down, Counter sink and bore,

Edge-bevel gold connectors.

Panel Size: 18 x 24, 12 x 18
Max. Board Size: 16 x 22
Design and Layout: Please provide us your Schematic Diagram, Bill of Material Fabrication notes.
Component Assembly: Please provide us your Gerber Data, Bill of Materials, and Assembly Notes.